Food Service

Par-Baked Pizza Bases

RDM Pizza bases are made with only the finest ingredients to our authentic Italian family recipe and then lovingly hand-stretched to provide modern Italian wood-fire results. Our bases don’t require any proofing, don’t have any preservatives or additives and are high in protein. Processing and packing is all completed within a few hours to ensure the highest quality product.

The easiest product to use with no room for any error, this product suits any commercial kitchen and comes with our RDM family promise of quality and consistency.

Key features: 

Quick cooking time saving you time and money in the kitchen: consistent pizza bases time over time: 100% Australian made, 100% Australian ingredients; hand-stretched; efficiencies ensure your bottom line is maximised.

Cooking Time: 2 minutes, 40 seconds at 300 degrees* *quicker at higher temperatures

Product Sizes: 6″, 10″ & 12″ pizzas

Shelf Life: 12 months frozen

Cooking methods:  Conveyor ovens, gas/electric deck ovens, wood-fired ovens

Snap Frozen Dough Balls

After hours spent stretching dough and making over 4000 pizzas a week, Riccardo Moretti knew there had to be a more efficient way of making dough and keeping up with high demands without compromising the authenticity, quality and consistency of making the dough from scratch every single time.

After years of product testing, long hours and let’s face it, lots of pizza, RDM is able to bring consumers an award-winning product for everyone to use. Perfectly suited to maximising efficiencies in the commercial kitchen, RDM dough is made only with 100% premium Australian ingredients to our secret recipe and then immediately snap-frozen within 15 minutes to ensure that the dough’s unique integrity is maintained.

Before using, the dough only requires four hours thawing time, before being ready to be opened using rolling pins, rollers or even hand-stretched. Completely versatile, the product can be rolled or stretched into any shape and can be used for frying, calzone or any other pizza dough product.

Cooking Time:  3 mins at 300 degrees* *quicker at higher temperatures

Product Sizes:

250g = 10-11″ pizzas

300g = 12-13″ pizzas

Shelf Life: 12 months frozen

Cooking methods: Conveyor ovens, gas/electric deck ovens, wood-fired ovens 100% Australian made, 100% Australian ingredients

Why use RDM snap frozen dough balls?

  • Labour Saving – saving you time and money
  • Perfect For Inventory Control
  • Versatile
  • Space Saver
  • No Wastage

Pre-Mix Moderna “Pre-Mix Flour”

The RDM Pre-mixed pizza flour has been perfected for commercial kitchens that still want to mix their own dough, however, don’t want to compromise on quality or consistency. This product ensures that you yield the same product, every time. Simple and easy to use, all that is needed is to add water and oil to your mixer with the RDM Pre-mix Moderna and mix for fifteen minutes. The dough is then ready for use. RDM Pre-mix Moderna is best combined with Extra Virgin Olive oil, however, vegetable oil may also be used without compromising quality.

Hand-made from only the finest Australian ingredients, this high-performing product will ensure less waste in your kitchen. The product is award winning, twice in-fact, which is a testament to the fact that the product is of the highest quality.

Product Sizes: 10kg bag

Shelf Life: 12 months

Key features: High in Protein, Hand made,100% Australian made, 100% Australian