Offering the best mobile pizza catering and making a class in Sydney

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Over our years of serving authentic Italian pizza made from only the freshest ingredients; we have curated the art of creating an experience for our customers. From our dough’s to our toppings each and every aspect of our food speaks to the soul of our customers and we couldn’t be prouder.

We offer mobile pizza catering Sydney where you can order your choice of authentic hand-stretched pizza dough topped with a variety of flavors and a selection of fresh Italian herbs. The technique we use to create this experience for our customers is strictly traditional and we believe in preserving the true essence of Italian cuisine with our mobile catering.

Our ingredients are basic and simple, which elevates the experience and joy of trying a rustic wood-fired oven pizza.

We need our dough to reach the right consistency each time and to hold toppings perfectly. We offer mobile pizza catering Sydney at extremely competitive prices and cater to private events, birthdays, graduations, corporate events, and any other occasion.

Our goal is to serve food that not only compels your taste buds to do a little dance but also leaves each and every one of your guests wanting more.

We have professional chefs who have been in the business for decades and very well understand the demands of our customers based in Sydney.

Apart from the earthy appearance of our pizzas, you will find that the flavor and taste is nothing like the fast food version. We serve real food that is prepared using the hand stretching technique for mobile catering Sydney

And for our complete product range as well. We strive to be reliable providers for a business that require pizza setup help Sydney.

Do you need freshly prepared pizza bases? We have got you covered. Consistency and amicable pricing allow us to work in unison with each and every pizza setup that utilizes our products.

We offer garlic knots, mini pizza bases, and large pizza bases at any time and anywhere in Sydney. You can certainly order a batch ND try our bases before you choose us as your pizza base supplier.

In our kitchens, we take our pizza making very seriously and use techniques that keep the pizza true to taste. This, in turn, translates into our readymade pizza bases that can be ordered by emerging pizza shops.

We aim to deliver pizza setup help Sydney to up and coming businesses while bringing back the traditional pizza.

Whether you are a food chain or an individual investor planning to venture into the world of food; you can count on our products to set the wheels in motion.

We bring the “Italian pizzaiolo” experience to your product with our consultation and frozen basses. You can get the best par-baked pizza bases in town; there are no additives preservatives or other non-food grade ingredients in any of our bases.

Our bases are suitable for both commercial and family kitchens alike. With a cooking time of 2 minutes and 40 seconds; you’ll have your pizza ready to serve within minutes

The bases are 10’ and can be refrigerated for 2 weeks and frozen for up to 12months. We keep your business in mind when preparing our products. You can also order in bulk and for your business after you are satisfied with the trial run of our bases.

We at ram pizza employ a team of experts who have decades of experience to share. The consultation and classes at our facility are extremely focused and designed to answer all your queries.

You can easily enroll in our pizza making class Sydney to get a firsthand experience of working with commercial equipment and in an industrial kitchen.

You can follow the recipes prepared by our chefs and begin your own authentic pizza setup. We also offer professional pizza making equipment on site and you can easily get the tools of the trade from us.

You can book our master classes or get our catering service with just a few clicks on our page. Enjoy a delightful pizza experience with us.

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